I have been treating a lady client with PCOS.  Her periods are irregular and she suffers from continual abdominal discomfort.  I informed her about the Sperm Comet test as a question mark hung over the male factor and the role it may play in their chances of conceiving.  She was glad to hear that such a test existed, especially so close by.  She and her partner were able to get an appointment at the Lewis Fertility Centre quite quickly and also the DNA results were presented to them 7 days later, so she was able to bring her results to her next appointment with me which was helpful.  Leaving the details of their results aside, my client emphasised the significance of the test, in that, the ambiguity and  ‘grey areas’ they felt that they found themselves in were no longer present.  There were both male and female factors involved, which, she explained, brought them closer together absent of blame and guilt.  It was their joint responsibility to make positive changes for the betterment of their health.  Stress and pressure, can play such a major role in the process of trying to conceive and they now feel, from having carried out the Sperm Comet test, that this stress factor is not as prevalent in their journey to try and conceive a child.