After 2 failed cycles using donor eggs I couldn’t understand why it hadn’t worked. I felt so sure that it was all about the eggs. I was so sure there wouldn’t be an issue. I wanted to be sure that it wasn’t a problem with sperm DNA fragmentation so after researching online I decided to contact Lewis Fertility. Sheena and Rachel were very helpful and gave me reassurance that it was worthwhile having the test to rule out any issues with the sperm. Thankfully we discovered that result was borderline but with ICSI should increase our chances. This has reassured myself and my husband as he was concerned that he was the problem all along.

I cannot recommend enough having this test done for peace of mind and to get another opinion before venturing on the next step of your fertility journey. We have 2 frozen embryos left and are hoping that this time we will be lucky and be blessed with the child we have always wanted