Could a molecule found in moisturisers improve IVF rates? via @MailOnline The Price of Postponing Kids: For Some, Costly IVF and a Bundle of Debt A new survey suggests many couples, probably those with inadequate savings, are taking on debt for fertility treatments. Could a molecule found in moisturisers improve IVF rates? Scientists at the University of Leeds believe hyaluronic acid, normally found in beauty products to improve the skin’s elasticity, could help sperm stick to the human egg when it’s released from the ovary.

Barcode your egg and sperm cells to avoid IVF mix-ups – health – 20 May 2015 – New Scientist:

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What your doctor isn’t telling you about fertility in your 20s Barcode your egg and sperm cells to avoid IVF mix-ups A tiny polysilicon tag can label both eggs and semen, reducing the risk of sample mistakes in the labs of fertility clinics What your doctor isn’t telling you about your fertility Should sex ed include a lesson on the realities of a woman’s fertility? Some advocates say yes. Here’s a guide to what isn’t being taught.

How the SpermComet® could be the key to your longed for family So this week the SpermComet® team were delighted to learn the journey of Brid and Patrick; recent Galway Fertility Clinic patients who, with the help of the SpermComet® test, achieved their dream of starting a family. Like 1 in 6 couples in the […]

Could too much salt ‘delay the onset of puberty’ and cause fertility problems later in life? via @MailOnline Too much salt ‘could delay the onset of puberty’ The rising levels of salt in Western diets could have significant consequences for the reproductive health of future generations, according to researchers from the University of Wyoming.

RT @HFEA: Read more about the PET debate on ‘Tripadvisor’ for fertility clinics and the HFEA view at BIONEWS – Event Review: A TripAdvisor for Fertility Clinics – Would You Recommend It? At this Progress Educational Trust event there was a lively debate about whether and how the HFEA should collect feedback from patients about fertility clinics across the UK and publish it on its website…

Have you ever wondered how to talk about infertility with your children? #fertility

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Is the UK sperm donor shortage a myth? #fertility #UK #health How to Talk to Your Kids About Infertility Secondary infertility isn’t only hard on parents — it can also be hard on the kids who are eager for a baby brother or sister. Here’s how to handle discussion of this sensitive topic. BIONEWS – Is the UK sperm donor shortage a myth? For the first time, a British sperm bank has sufficient stocks and donors to begin supplying clinics registered by the HFEA. The move marks a shift in the dynamics of UK sperm donation and would suggest that the perception of any shortage of […]

IS MALE FERTILITY TESTING INADEQUATE? #fertility #health Is Male Fertility Testing Inadequate? More can be done to test for sperm quality to help identify the cause of recurrent miscarriage or determine whether IVF or ICSI is best.