reportYou can now order the SpermComet test online at

No doctor’s referral required.

SpermComet is a private, personal sperm testing service that checks the vital signs of sperm health,

helping you get a handle on your fertility.




Order your test onlineorder online

Choose between the

  • SpermComet
  • SpermComet Plus (SpermComet + semen analysis).


If you have already had a semen analysis, it’s a good idea to have the SpermComet test, as this will give you the complete picture on your sperm health.

When combined with standard semen analysis (sperm count, shape and swim strength) SpermComet gives you the full picture on your sperm health and ability to make a healthy baby.



Provide a sampleProvide a semen sample

You can then choose between:

  • Ordering a home sample collection kit or
  • Book an appointment to produce your sample at the Pathlab, London.


If you use the home sample collection kit, you must deliver your sample to the Pathlab, London within one hour. This makes sure your sperm is in best condition before it is tested by our specialised scientists.


Receive your results onlineemail

Your results will be emailed directly to you within two weeks.

If you would like further information on what to do once you get your results, we can refer you to one of our male fertility experts.


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