When couples have problems in conceiving over a period of time they often then look to specialists to help them out. This could involve many appointments at a fertility clinic to undertake consultations and tests to find out the route cause and then to discuss possible treatments. Then the treatments start which can be both a time consuming thing and an emotional rollercoaster. Added to that is the potential cost which in this day and age can be a huge burden on families.

An initiative has been set up by well-respected Gynaecologist and expert in the field of assisted reproduction Dr Irfana Koita. She has tried to alleviate some of the problem associated with the normal fertility treatment cycle and has set up an online fertility clinic. Normally fertility treatment involves many visits to a clinic which can mean a lot of time off work, a lot of travelling and a lot of cost.

IVFmatters.co.uk is a new online fertility clinic where you can consult with experts in the field of fertility treatment from the comfort of your home. All you need is a computer and a Skype facility and the experts will talk to you as if you were sat in their consulting room. Dr Koita has assembled a crack team of Urologists, Fertility Consultants, Nutritionists, Haematologists, Geneticists, Endocrinologists and even Counsellors so you have everything you need at hand.

All tests can be done from your home so you can send samples to laboratories across the country and if you do need to go into a clinic there is always one on your doorstep you can use. Every step of the way you will have advice and guidance at the other end of a phone or Skype call.

The fact that you don’t have to leave your house can save you time and money and because everything is taken care of for you online the costs of the treatment are much reduced. It really is a service where everything is covered for you by some of the best professionals but at a cost and a time factor you can afford.

Log onto the website and follow the simple online advice and talk to a fertility expert today it couldn’t be easier.