We’re delighted that @fertilitypoddy recently had a chat with Prof Sheena Lewis about the SpermComet test.

‘There’s a much greater need to look at men, their health, their quality of life, and also the quality of their sperm rather than just doing a very basic sperm analysis’ says Prof Lewis.

Prof Lewis talked about the link between sperm DNA damage and fertilisation, embryo development and miscarriage.

Have a listen to the full podcast here: http://www.thefertilitypodcast.com/testyoursperm/


Prof Lewis emphasised the need for complete sperm testing. Semen analysis and Spermcomet ‘go hand in hand and one will not be sufficient without the other’.

You can order the SpermComet Plus (SpermComet + semen analysis) for just £349 here today: http://spermcomet.com/Male-Fertility/order/. Appointments are held at the Pathlab, central London and results will be returned directly to you.

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