Ahead of Panorama’s ‘Inside Britain’s Fertility Business’ tonight at 8:30pm, the media has been buzzing about IVF Add-Ons and exploitative costs of unproven tests. At SpermComet, we believe that it is best practice to provide couples with up to date and unbiased information so they can make informed decisions about their fertility journey.

The SpermComet test provides information that the conventional semen analysis cannot. While a conventional semen analysis gives sperm count, shape and swimming speed, the SpermComet provides crucial information about the quality of the DNA that the man will pass out to his child.

The SpermComet test can also diagnose male fertility problems in couples previously told their fertility was unexplained. It can also guide to the fertility treatment best suited to that couple.

Sperm DNA testing is not new. In the last 30 years, over 1200 papers have been published on it.

The SpermComet test alone is based on 25 years of evidence-based, non-commercial academic research.   The evidence-base for SpermComet  was established using  ART outcome data from over  500 couples.

There are no harmful side-effects to the SpermComet test as it is non-invasive. Men simply produce a semen sample which is tested at our labs by specially trained scientists. If the quality of sperm DNA is  suboptimal, we can refer couples to a male fertility expert who will advise on the best short term lifestyle changes to improve the quality of their sperm DNA before undergoing any fertility treatment. Considering men contribute 50% of their baby’s genes, it’s imperative that sperm DNA is as healthy as possible. With better quality sperm DNA, each couple has a better chance of IVF success first time around. This reduces the cost of multiple IVF cycles and the heartache of failure.

Professor Adam Balen, Chair of the British Fertility Society has stated that healthcare professionals must ‘support and provide reliable information on any treatment being considered and those looking after fertility patients have their best interests at heart.’

We agree. At SpermComet, we believe couples should be offered the full picture on their fertility diagnosis before they begin their fertility journey.