Professor Sheena Lewis is an invited speaker and member of the International Faculty of the 5th International Congress of Academy of Clinical Embryologists, Jaipur. The conference starts today and continues until Sunday (26-28 August). Prof Lewis will be giving workshops on the SpermComet test, showing our new video for healthcare professionals for the very first time! Check out […]

  Now we’re well into the Olympic stride, it’s fantastic to hear daily (hourly!) updates on races won, records broken and the extraordinary feat of human ability pushed to its limits. But daily reports are also emerging on the Zika virus. Its link to male fertility has led Rory McIlroy to pull out of the […]

News broke this past weekend that 72 year old Mick Jagger is expecting a child with his 29 year old ballerina girlfriend Melanie Hamrick. Over the past few days, Jagger’s vitality and fertility have been discussed extensively with one commenter comically suggesting Jagger could be the answer to our energy needs. Most congratulated the rock […]

We are delighted to share recent research we presented at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) conference. The new data shows the connection between sperm DNA quality and men with cancer.

There has been significant interest in the recent article authored by Sheena Lewis from SpermComet in the leading science journal Reproductive BioMedicine Online (Vol 31, Issue 2, August 2015). This article has been viewed over 700 times since publication. Read the article on ‘Should sperm DNA fragmentation testing be included in the male infertility work-up?‘ Or download […]

Smoking cigarettes has long been known to cause major health problems both for smokers and passive smokers. Aside from the commonly researched harmful effects such as lung disease or the long list of different types of cancers caused, smoking is also known to impact upon sperm quality, and have an effect on fertility. Smoking affects […]

“The purpose of this week is to provide advice, support and understanding for the 1 in 6 couples struggling to become parents.” After years of neglect, we want this year’s National Fertility Awareness Week to highlight how deeply MEN are affected by fertility struggles as well as women. In the week Monday 2nd November – […]

Sperm in the first fraction are more numerous, have better motility, and are also found to contain better quality DNA, therefore leading to a much higher chance of fertilization when they come into contact with the egg. Much less DNA fragmentation ie. higher quality DNA, is seen in the first fraction of sperm produced, which […] “avoiding pesticide residues, such as consuming organically-grown produce or avoiding produce known to have large amounts of residues, may be the way to go.” Published Research Paper:

Scientists say they have managed to grow mature sperm in the lab for the first time

Marijuana has been reported to damage male fertility. This is not good news for those who smoke it. Marijuana is now the most popular recreational drug in the developed world, and is being made legal in more and more countries. So this link between marijuana and male fertility is worrying. The most recent research shows […]

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A recent American study reported that men using IVF treatment but eating lots of processed meats such bacon or sausages reduced their chances of success. Over 100 couples had IVF treatment, and it was found that there was a ~30% lower fertilization rate for men with the highest proportion of processed meats (0.62 – 2.79 […]

Women say no to cancer drugs over baby fears: Third of patients under 45 would refuse treatment over worries about impact on fertility One of third of breast cancer patients turn down the drug tamoxifen The main concern is that the new drug may effect women’s fertility Five years on Tamoxifen can reduce early cancer […]

Delaying motherhood by freezing eggs could harm the chance of having a successful birth, a new study suggests, despite widespread calls for more women to consider the option. Many fertility experts now recommend cryopreservation for women who want to become mothers in later life, because younger eggs are known to be healthier. Apple and Google […]

A response to the editorial ‘Are we ready to incorporate sperm DNA fragmentation testing into our male infertility work-up? A plea for more robust studies’ by Erma Drobnis and Martin Johnson. Click here to view the article

Do men think about their biological clocks and the biological clocks of their partners and how much is this part of the conversation between them when it comes to deciding to have children? Jenni talks to Professor Sheena Lewis, Professor of Reproductive Medicine at Queen’s University Belfast, about why seeing fertility as a female concern is not […]

Prof Sheena Lewis writes in The Conversation on male fertility and age

Hear what Prof. Lewis has to say about today’s topic of freezing sperm at 18. Head to 2 hrs 35mins for full interview

Professor Lewis comments on this morning’s topic of freezing sperm at 18.