Check out the recent article by Dr Avi Lerner on the importance of the SpermComet test for fertility diagnosis and treatment. Take a look here.

This evening the Progress Educational Trust will host a public event ‘Fertility Treatment Add-Ons: Do they Add Up?’, sponsored by the British Fertility Society (BFS). Professor Adan Balen (BFS), Sally Cheshire (Chair of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority), Dr Simon Fishel (CARE Fertility) and Dr Raj Mathur (St Mary’s Hospital) will all address the […]

A recent piece in the Daily Star quotes an article published in the journal Heliyon suggesting that walnuts can improve male fertility. This research is based on an animal study, and therefore there is no direct correlation to processes that occur in the human body. However, the findings are encouraging and support previous research suggesting that walnuts […]

New study shows great promise both for the treatment of male infertility and the development of male contraceptives.  

When couples have problems in conceiving over a period of time they often then look to specialists to help them out. This could involve many appointments at a fertility clinic to undertake consultations and tests to find out the route cause and then to discuss possible treatments. Then the treatments start which can be both […]

  Join Professor Sheena Lewis on Monday 13 February @ 8pm on the FNUK Skype group to find out the importance of testing your sperm.  Prof Lewis will share how it’s vital to have both a semen analysis – to know how many sperm you have – and a SpermComet test to find out the […]

  We’re delighted that @fertilitypoddy recently had a chat with Prof Sheena Lewis about the SpermComet test. ‘There’s a much greater need to look at men, their health, their quality of life, and also the quality of their sperm rather than just doing a very basic sperm analysis’ says Prof Lewis. Prof Lewis talked about […]

New research published today by Leeds Beckett University shows that men find the impact of infertility on their relationships challenging and often experience feelings of helplessness. This research is part of a wider project looking at how men experiencing infertility interact with other men on fertility forums. This work is vital, as it highlights the […]

The need for more focus on male fertility investigations was outlined in a recent review by our partner urologist Mr Jonathan Ramsay. ‘Very few, if any, fertility units seek to investigate and to treat these men’, Mr Ramsay outlines. Men are told that their diagnosis will not change treatment; the inevitable is either IVF or […]

Predicting the chances of a live birth after one or more complete cycles of in vitro fertilisation: population based study of linked cycle data from 113 873 women BMJ 2016;355:i5735

A new paper looks at the link between exercise and sperm health. The results: try to get the right balance. Sperm health was shown to improve when men completed some moderate exercise. (3 x 30 minutes on the treadmill per week)

Ahead of Panorama’s ‘Inside Britain’s Fertility Business’ tonight at 8:30pm, the media has been buzzing about IVF Add-Ons and exploitative costs of unproven tests. At SpermComet, we believe that it is best practice to provide couples with up to date and unbiased information so they can make informed decisions about their fertility journey. The SpermComet […]

  This week we’re looking at several books on male fertility. These books have received great reviews from patients and practitioners alike and offer both medical and emotional help and advice for any man going through fertility treatment.   How to Make Love to a Plastic Cup: A Guy’s Guide to the World of Infertility […]

  Eat well. If you know that your sperm DNA needs improvement, I strongly recommend advice from a nutritional therapist with experience in fertility. This is about much more than eating a ‘healthy balanced diet’. You may need to load up on certain nutrients you are deficient in, avoid foods that are setting off inflammation […]

Men and miscarriage? What? Miscarriage isn’t anything to do with men – or is it? Well Yes. In some cases, miscarriage can be caused by poor DNA quality in sperm. Good sperm DNA = higher chance of a successful pregnancy. We used to think that miscarriage was entirely a woman’s problem. If a man got […]

Fertility treatments like ICSI and IMSI are often suggested by fertility doctors when male factor infertility is at play. However, many fertility specialists are now beginning to realise we can investigate the man more thoroughly. Male fertility can be improved meaning couples may be able to choose less invasive fertility treatments than ICSI or IMSI. […]

  Hundreds of men in the United Kingdom experience fertility problems. Research carried out by Dr Stamatios Karavolos shows that male infertility impacts substantially on men’s quality of life. Indeed, receiving a diagnosis of male infertility can lead to tremendous psychosocial sequela, especially if no specific cause for the problem is identified. His research shows […]

  Over my ten years of practice at the Natural Fertility Centre, I have lost count of the number of couples I’ve met who had been told after a standard semen analysis, ‘everything looks fine’, but for whom everything was most certainly not fine. A whopping 25% of couples are told that their infertility is […]

Dr Esmée Hanna, Centre for Men’s Health, Leeds Beckett University & Prof. Brendan Gough, School of Social Sciences, Leeds Beckett University   The experience of infertility can be particularly isolating for men. Since getting pregnant is widely seen as something which is natural and ‘easy’ there is something of a stigma around infertility, and perhaps […]