Patient Testimonials

“I had never heard of Sperm DNA fragmentation before my clinic suggested taking the Comet test. Discovering I had 48% DNA fragmentation turned out to be part of the explanation for why our IVF cycles had failed. Once I had this information, the clinic immediately switched to using ICSI. I was advised to go on a high antioxidant diet and take 800mg of Vitamin E daily. I was also put on a 2 week course of antibiotics and advised to ejaculate every 2 days. We are still going through the process but we have been able to bring the fragmentation levels down to 32% and our more recent cycle, whilst not successful, was a lot more encouraging in terms of embryo quality so I feel we are getting closer.”

“My wife and I are desperate to have another child. We have suffered three miscarriages within a year which have left us heartbroken. One of the most heartbreaking aspects of this experience has been the frustration of trying to understand what the cause is, given that we are both fit and healthy non-smokers. My wife has already had numerous tests but the results of these have not revealed a definite cause. A friend of my wife, who is a nurse practitioner, suggested the Spermcomet test to my wife. She also provided my wife with some research papers that explored the possible link between recurrent miscarriage and sperm DNA damage. I decided to get the Spermcomet test done based on that research”.

“Really glad we did the test, we’ve a lot to think about now, and gives us a chance to present the case to the doctor.”

“We have unexplained infertility, I have been for all the necessary physical tests and they have come back clear, so we are at a bit of a loss at the moment.  Although  I found it reassuring that it (the Spermcomet) has shown to explain 80% of previously unexplained infertility. Many thanks again for the information which has given me some positivity!”

“After 2 failed cycles using donor eggs I couldn’t understand why it hadn’t worked. I felt so sure that it was all about the eggs. I was so sure there wouldn’t be an issue. I wanted to be sure that it wasn’t a problem with sperm DNA fragmentation so after researching online I decided to contact SpermComet. Sheena and Rachel were very helpful and gave me reassurance that it was worthwhile having the test to rule out any issues with the sperm. Thankfully we discovered that result was borderline but with ICSI should increase our chances. This has reassured myself and my husband as he was concerned that he was the problem all along.”

“Thanks so much Rachel. And thanks for rushing through the test. We really appreciate it.”

Partner Clinic Testimonials

Lister Fertility Clinic

“Thorough investigation of the male partner is so often neglected in subfertile couples. The SpermComet is now a valuable tool in our armoury, helping us inform couples on a potential causes of subfertility when otherwise unexplained as well as guiding may others on when assisted reproduction may be needed, what form of assisted reproduction would be best as well as allowing us to offer advice on potential interventions, supplements and lifestyle advice that improve outcomes.” Dr James Nicopoullos, Consultant Gynaecologist, Lister Fertility Clinic

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“Bourn Hall Clinic has been working with the SpermComet test for two years and we consider this complements our already well established male factor infertility programme. “


Using the SpermComet test has enabled us to better identify reasons behind couple’s infertility and in turn offer our patients’ more appropriate treatments with a higher chance of success. The service, reporting and interpretation of results from the team at SpermComet is always top-notch, friendly and professional. We look forward to continue to work closely together in the future.


The Reproductive Health Group will only recommend the best care pathway for our patients, once we have carried out all the appropriate investigations that could reveal the cause of the apparent infertility. We believe that it is highly important that we assess both partners, and the Spermcomet DNA fragmentation test has become a fundamental part of the diagnostic approach that we recommend.


Fertility Focus are experts dedicated to helping you have babies.  Promoting optimal reproductive health from natural or assisted conception, pregnancy loss, pregnancy and beyond.  Often we see cases of recurrent miscarriage, several failed cycles of IVF, or unexplained infertility, so it is very exciting that we are now able to offer a service which may help to identify the cause of these problems. We also welcome a test which looks at male factor fertility issues in such detail, as it is often the female partner who feels responsible for not being able to conceive and carry a pregnancy. Fertility Focus is delighted to be one of only two clinics in Scotland (and the most competitive!) offering the SpermComet® Test.  SpermComet have been hugely supportive in getting us set up to provide the test, and we look forward to a successful partnership with them for years to come.

Origin Transparent Background

“Origin are pleased to be able to offer patients the SpermComet test at our clinic as an additional test to our already comprehensive range of fertility tests and analysis performed by our embryologists.” Jennifer McLaughlin, Operations Manager, Origin Fertility Care.

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It’s remarkable how little focus the man receives when it comes to fertility investigations and management. Yet it makes total common sense to patients that a comprehensive approach should be taken to investigating both partners equally when there is an issue with their fertility. Couples can spend thousands of pounds on expensive IVF fertility treatments so it’s vital that all relevant investigations are done before hand so that the right treatments can be recommended.  At The Zita West Clinic, we have been doing the SpermComet test on many of our patients in the last couple of years and the results often have a significant impact on the kinds of fertility treatments that we end up adopting and we are convinced that this has been one of the factors in us achieving such fantastic pregnancy rates. We find that it is particularly beneficial for couples with unexplained infertility. The SpermComet Team are a dynamic and innovative group and the service which we have received from them has been exceptional.

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Infertility Network UK –  the national charity supporting everyone experiencing fertility issues

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Fantastic service and very knowledgeable team.
Looking for a donor, want to be certain that the sperm quality is good – it makes perfect sense to use SpermComet.