Where can I find a ‘test request form’?

Before your first test, we will send you an e-copy of the ‘test request form’ which you can save and print as needed.

Can I request a shipper to be delivered for a patient appointment on a Saturday?

Yes, we ensure that shippers arrive at our partner clinics the day before the patient appointment. Therefore, if you have booked a patient to have the SpermComet test on a Saturday, the shipper will arrive at your clinic by the Friday.

What will I do if the sample has not liquefied within 45 minutes?

The sample needs to be frozen within one hour. If the sample has not liquefied within 45 minutes, please aliquot what you can and freeze the sample.

How long will the sample last in the shipper?

Each shipper will be charged with liquid nitrogen to last fourteen days. This includes the time to send the shipper to your clinic and to return the shipper to us. We keep track of all our shippers and will ensure the shipper will be returned to us within fourteen days.