We have shown that up to 80% of men with unexplained fertility have sperm DNA damage.

This can only be detected using the Spermcomet test.

The good news is that men make fresh sperm every three months and you can control the quality of the sperm you produce by taking charge of your lifestyle choices.

Testing sperm DNA quality before you start your fertility journey can reduce the waste of valuable time and financial costs and, not least, emotional heartache, which can be the most painful cost of all.

Since IVF began in 1978, we have looked at women’s fertility from every angle but we have neglected the man.

We have continued to look only at the outside of sperm but not delved deeper into what really matters: its DNA, the Code of Life. Now, at last we have an accurate test. The SpermComet can both diagnose male infertility and help guide couples to the best treatment first time round.