UK surrogacy laws must be reformed now, says a leading fertility lawyer Britain’s surrogacy laws are no longer good enough and must be reformed urgently to stop court battles wrecking people’s lives, a leading fertility lawyer has said. How to have a baby by surrogate in the UK For couples who can’t conceive naturally, surrogacy could be an option. But what does the law say in the UK – and how much does it cost? We find out Teen freezes eggs; 16-year-old preserves fertility ahead of chemo Doctors told a 17-year-old girl that chemotherapy could make her infertile. She had just weeks to decide if she was going to freeze her eggs.

Sofia Vergara’s Ex Wants To Bring Their Embryos To Term, Raise Them As His Own Free Fertility Information Evening, 7th May 2015 Origin Fertility Care are hosting a free information evening on Thursday 7th May 2015 at 6pm in the Stormont Hotel, Belfast. Register here… Readers respond to a call for open talk about miscarriages, infertility and IVF After Sarah Boesveld’s feature on infertility and pregnancy loss was this weekend, dozens of readers shared their own stories and experiences Why infertility is becoming a public health issue in Europe A declining birth rate and treatment that still has a modest success rate calls for better ways to investigate infertility. Economic instability could contribute to low fertility rates, finds new research Environmental factors like economic downturn and high mortality rates could contribute to changing fertility desires, new research finds. The number of women in the United States who are childless is at an all-time high, and this research suggests it may be due […] “Is my lifestyle damaging my sperm health?” Ollie Locke gets his results… – SpermComet So as you know we recently had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Ollie Locke who now spends a lot of his time giving us advice on men’s health and grooming. Ollie is a 28 year old man who […]

What a great day we had with the ARR on Sunday. Here we meet the youngest member and her Mum who came to learn about the SpermComet! Made in Chelsea Star Opts for SpermComet Test Made in Chelsea star, Ollie Locke, visited Chelsea Private Clinic, part of the 3fivetwo Group, earlier this month to have an extended semen analysis test. From drinking baboon urine to napping on a giant penis: Bizarre fertility customs revealed WOULD you drink a cup of monkey wee to help you conceive? That’s exactly what they do in tribal…

We had a great time on Sunday in Edinburgh at the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists April AGM & Training Day. We even got a taster of the wonderful work the association provide to couples experiencing fertility problems… Read more and find your local reflexologist here;

Going overseas for treatment? Find out how we could help. Going For Donor Egg Overseas? Men Need Checks Toowww.fertilityclinicsabroad.comIf you are going overseas fro donor eggs you may want to consider getting your partner checked for sperm DNA damage before you go. Harley Street fertility guru’s secrets of helping women fall pregnant Dr Xiao-Ping Zhai has been helping women conceive for decades at her Harley Street clinic using only traditional Chinese medicine to improve their reproductive health.

Check out our partnering clinic Chelsea private clinic who were featured in Sky's recent episode of Who'd Be A Billionaire! Watch Who'd Be A Billionaire Series 1: Ep 3 Staff Online | On Demand | Sky Who'd Be A Billionaire Series 1, Ep 3 Staff online. Now available on Sky Go. From butlers […] Virginia court: Dad has rights after turkey-baster pregnancy A court in Richmond, Virginia, has ruled that even though Robert Preston Boardwine did not have intercourse with the mother of his son, he still has right to a say in major decisions, such as school. The Glow App Now Tracks Male Fertility Glow, the app that helps couples track fertility cycles, today released an update that will help couples keep track of men’s reproductive health as well as..

Have you ever wondered… Why are we called SpermComet? How is the test different from standard semen analysis? Can years of drinking and smoking effect fertility? Ollie Locke investigates the SpermComet, find out all the answers here >>> Ollie Locke Investigates Spermcomet | Quick Fix Ollie Locke is about to investigate and undertake take […] Giving spermbots a 30% speed boost with CAFFEINE Researchers from Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research in Germany tested three different techniques for boosting the speed of so-called spermbots – robots powered by bovine sperm.