Lovely article in today's Irish Independent of one couple's journey from heartache to success!! Sex education for teenagers should include fertility, says doctor Reproduction specialist Dr Geeta Nargund wants secondary school pupils to be taught about conception, not just contraception DNA changes in sperm may help explain autism – Health News – NHS Choices “DNA changes could explain why autism runs in families, according to study,” The Independent reports. Research suggests a set of changes in a father’s DNA – known as methylation – is linked to autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in their […] Fertility doctors warn women not to leave it too late to freeze eggs for IVF Doctors are warning women not to leave it too late to freeze eggs for possible future IVF procedures. $30,000 Baby: U.S. Sees Boom in Fertility Treatments As more American women delay childbearing until their late 30s and 40s, the reproductive-assistance industry has soared; couples can get loans, package deals on in vitro fertilization. Five ways for men to improve their fertility Paul Serhal, medical director at the London Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health and one of the country’s leading fertility experts, shares the most common mistakes his male patients make First baby born with IVF that uses stem cells to pep up old eggs … At least, that’s the claim. Zain Rajani’s mother had her eggs ‘rejuvenated’ using mitochondria from her ovarian stem cells. <b>New Scientist</b> looks at the evidence

Many ask – why test my DNA if I can just fix my sperm by lifestyle changes? Because • There is no benefit to men who don’t need them • Vitamins can potentially harm your sperm and your health if you take too many • It’s a waste of money • It’s a waste of […]

Some great questions raised during our Q&A with Barbara Scott Chairperson at Association of Reflexologists Watch full interview here; Barbara Scott interview with Professor Sheena Lewis of Lewis Fertility Barbara Scott, Association of Reproductive Reflexologists interview with Professor Sheena Lewis of Lewis Fertility about the SpermComet Test offered by Lewis… Marijuana May Affect Fertility of Young Men Around 40% of infertility cases are due to problems with the size, shape, motility, and/or count of the man’s sperm. A recent study seeking to explore lifestyle factors that may influence sperm morphology discovered that young men who smoked marijuana were more likely lower amounts of […] A Fashion Insider On Freezing Her Eggs Natalie Joos is a girl about town with babies on her mind—and a back-up plan in place. Apps becoming a popular way to track fertility It seems there is a cellphone app for everything, even planning for pregnancy. 10 Fertility Red Flags to Look For When Trying to Conceive “When should I see a fertility doctor?” This is a question I am often asked by friends. The answer isn’t easy – knowing when to see a fertility doctor can be complicated. To help navigate this question, here are a few guidelines […]

Fertility woes for career women | TVShows | 3 News The country’s largest private fertility clinic says the number of single women seeking fertility treatment has nearly doubled in two years, as they put their career ahead of having a family. Fertility data kept from the public The Fertility Society of Australia keeps detailed statistics on in vitro fertilisation clinics, including how successful they are at producing live babies. Yet this data is not released to the public – costing millions of dollars to taxpayers, and untold grief to those looking to conceive.

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Survey identifies ‘widespread misperceptions’ about miscarriage A survey of more than 1,000 Americans finds more than half believe miscarriage is rare – just one of many misperceptions people have about the condition.!10-facts-of-male-infertility/c3fm Acupuncture in London | Sperm DNA damage Feng (MD PhD) uses acupuncture in London. together with advanced natural therapy to give you the best results within the shortest time possible.

The importance of choosing the right clinic. Millions wasted by low performing IVF clinics, says leading fertility leading in vitro fertilisation expert claims that tens of millions of dollars are wasted each year because people are unknowingly attending low performing IVF Clinics. The performance information is available on each clinic but it's not […] Paternity Case for a New Jersey Mother of Twins Bears Unexpected Results: Two Fathers In an unusual ruling, a judge found that egg and sperm had colluded to create a medical oddity: The man whom the woman claimed to be the father of her twins was deemed responsible for only one.