Marijuana has been reported to damage male fertility. This is not good news for those who smoke it. Marijuana is now the most popular recreational drug in the developed world, and is being made legal in more and more countries. So this link between marijuana and male fertility is worrying. The most recent research shows […]

A recent American study reported that men using IVF treatment but eating lots of processed meats such bacon or sausages reduced their chances of success. Over 100 couples had IVF treatment, and it was found that there was a ~30% lower fertilization rate for men with the highest proportion of processed meats (0.62 – 2.79 […]

Delaying motherhood by freezing eggs could harm the chance of having a successful birth, a new study suggests, despite widespread calls for more women to consider the option. Many fertility experts now recommend cryopreservation for women who want to become mothers in later life, because younger eggs are known to be healthier. Apple and Google […]

A response to the editorial ‘Are we ready to incorporate sperm DNA fragmentation testing into our male infertility work-up? A plea for more robust studies’ by Erma Drobnis and Martin Johnson. Click here to view the article

Do men think about their biological clocks and the biological clocks of their partners and how much is this part of the conversation between them when it comes to deciding to have children? Jenni talks to Professor Sheena Lewis, Professor of Reproductive Medicine at Queen’s University Belfast, about why seeing fertility as a female concern is not […]

How the SpermComet® could be the key to your longed for family So this week the SpermComet® team were delighted to learn the journey of Brid and Patrick; recent Galway Fertility Clinic patients who, with the help of the SpermComet® test, achieved their dream of starting a family. Like 1 in 6 couples in the […]

So as you know we recently had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Ollie Locke who now spends a lot of his time giving us advice on men’s health and grooming. Ollie is a 28 year old man who although he does not want to become a father just yet he knows that in the […]

So recently our director Professor Sheena Lewis met up with the lovely Ollie Locke at the Chelsea Private Clinic to talk about the SpermComet® test and how young males like Ollie could benefit from knowing more about their fertility. For those of you who don’t know, Mr Locke is best known for appearing in series […]