When couples have problems in conceiving over a period of time they often then look to specialists to help them out. This could involve many appointments at a fertility clinic to undertake consultations and tests to find out the route cause and then to discuss possible treatments. Then the treatments start which can be both […]

The need for more focus on male fertility investigations was outlined in a recent review by our partner urologist Mr Jonathan Ramsay. ‘Very few, if any, fertility units seek to investigate and to treat these men’, Mr Ramsay outlines. Men are told that their diagnosis will not change treatment; the inevitable is either IVF or […]

  This week we’re looking at several books on male fertility. These books have received great reviews from patients and practitioners alike and offer both medical and emotional help and advice for any man going through fertility treatment.   How to Make Love to a Plastic Cup: A Guy’s Guide to the World of Infertility […]

  Eat well. If you know that your sperm DNA needs improvement, I strongly recommend advice from a nutritional therapist with experience in fertility. This is about much more than eating a ‘healthy balanced diet’. You may need to load up on certain nutrients you are deficient in, avoid foods that are setting off inflammation […]

Men and miscarriage? What? Miscarriage isn’t anything to do with men – or is it? Well Yes. In some cases, miscarriage can be caused by poor DNA quality in sperm. Good sperm DNA = higher chance of a successful pregnancy. We used to think that miscarriage was entirely a woman’s problem. If a man got […]

Fertility treatments like ICSI and IMSI are often suggested by fertility doctors when male factor infertility is at play. However, many fertility specialists are now beginning to realise we can investigate the man more thoroughly. Male fertility can be improved meaning couples may be able to choose less invasive fertility treatments than ICSI or IMSI. […]

  Hundreds of men in the United Kingdom experience fertility problems. Research carried out by Dr Stamatios Karavolos shows that male infertility impacts substantially on men’s quality of life. Indeed, receiving a diagnosis of male infertility can lead to tremendous psychosocial sequela, especially if no specific cause for the problem is identified. His research shows […]

  Over my ten years of practice at the Natural Fertility Centre, I have lost count of the number of couples I’ve met who had been told after a standard semen analysis, ‘everything looks fine’, but for whom everything was most certainly not fine. A whopping 25% of couples are told that their infertility is […]

Dr Esmée Hanna, Centre for Men’s Health, Leeds Beckett University & Prof. Brendan Gough, School of Social Sciences, Leeds Beckett University   The experience of infertility can be particularly isolating for men. Since getting pregnant is widely seen as something which is natural and ‘easy’ there is something of a stigma around infertility, and perhaps […]

Kate Brian  http://fertilitymatters.org.uk/   When a couple has difficulty conceiving, it is just as likely to be a male problem as a female one, yet infertility is all too often seen as a woman’s issue. Right from the very start of fertility investigations when the initial referral is usually to a gynaecologist, the focus is […]

I am an involuntarily childless man. I always expected to be a dad and was especially broody in my mid 30’s. My reactions to my ‘broodiness’ have included: anger, depression, elation, guilt, isolation, jealousy, relief, sadness, yearning, and withdrawal. It was only through my research studies that I found I was not the only man […]

As a Urologist with a special interest in men’s health and fertility problems, many men come to see me when they and their partner are trying to have a baby and a ‘simple’ sperm test has suggested a problem. Most men do not feel unwell and have never considered that there could be anything wrong. […]

Shafali Talisa Arya http://www.shafaliarya.com/blog/ Infertility is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges faced by couples. It is a challenge encompassed with both mental and physical pain, hope, loss, heartbreak and of course for some couples it can also end with success. Whilst some cases of infertility can remain unexplained, there are countless reasons as to […]

  In support of National Fertility Awareness Week, we are delighted to be joined each day by one guest blogger! Our bloggers will share their experience and expertise on male fertility, providing information on the range of support, testing and treatment options available for men.     Dr Steve Gordon will talk about the importance […]

An article published just last week (26 August 2016) details how men experience fertility treatment. The honest and at times heart-breaking study was carried out by Shafali Talisa Arya and Bridget Dibb who interviewed a number of men on their experience of fertility treatment. The study notes that men experience emasculation, mistrust and dismissal from medical […]

  Now we’re well into the Olympic stride, it’s fantastic to hear daily (hourly!) updates on races won, records broken and the extraordinary feat of human ability pushed to its limits. But daily reports are also emerging on the Zika virus. Its link to male fertility has led Rory McIlroy to pull out of the […]

News broke this past weekend that 72 year old Mick Jagger is expecting a child with his 29 year old ballerina girlfriend Melanie Hamrick. Over the past few days, Jagger’s vitality and fertility have been discussed extensively with one commenter comically suggesting Jagger could be the answer to our energy needs. Most congratulated the rock […]

There has been significant interest in the recent article authored by Sheena Lewis from SpermComet in the leading science journal Reproductive BioMedicine Online (Vol 31, Issue 2, August 2015). This article has been viewed over 700 times since publication. Read the article on sciencedirect.com: ‘Should sperm DNA fragmentation testing be included in the male infertility work-up?‘ Or download […]

Smoking cigarettes has long been known to cause major health problems both for smokers and passive smokers. Aside from the commonly researched harmful effects such as lung disease or the long list of different types of cancers caused, smoking is also known to impact upon sperm quality, and have an effect on fertility. Smoking affects […]

“The purpose of this week is to provide advice, support and understanding for the 1 in 6 couples struggling to become parents.” After years of neglect, we want this year’s National Fertility Awareness Week to highlight how deeply MEN are affected by fertility struggles as well as women. In the week Monday 2nd November – […]