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“The purpose of this week is to provide advice, support and understanding for the 1 in 6 couples struggling to become parents.”

After years of neglect, we want this year’s National Fertility Awareness Week to highlight how deeply MEN are affected by fertility struggles as well as women.

In the week Monday 2nd November – Sunday 8th November, people all over the UK will be getting involved in, raising money, and raising awareness for National Fertility Awareness Week. This is an event focussed on giving everyone around the country a chance to show their support for couples in the UK who have trouble conceiving due to infertility – that’s a massive 1 in 6 of us in the UK. It is an opportunity for everyone to get involved in hosting events and giving financial support towards understanding more about fertility, and supporting couples who are unable to start a family.

As well as raising awareness of fertility issues and how it can affect people’s lives, this week offers a chance for couples to explore the latest options to treat their infertility

This year, the National Fertility Awareness Week is specifically concentrating on improving emotional support for those affected by infertility such as improved access to counselling during treatment, as well as improving education on fertility for young people.

Male Infertility

Men’s Infertility

In the past, infertility has always been seen to be a woman’s problem, with the emphasis on female investigations and treatments. However, this is incorrect. We now know that 40% of a couple’s problems start with the man so to give couples the best chance of their family, we need to care for both partners equally.

Male infertility can arise due to a range of problems such as low sperm counts, poor sperm motility or high sperm DNA damage.

National Fertility Awareness Week is to support men, as well as women, who are struggling with infertility, to help them further understand their options, and to help the public understand the devastating impact that infertility has on the couples’ lives when they can’t have a child.

Since so little attention has been given to men, there is a reluctance for men to come forward about their infertility issues.  This means they often have to face their problems alone, without the support they deserve.


Let’s make National Fertility Week 2015 the week to change this and support our Men!

Support groups do exist specifically for men struggling with infertility, which provides a safe place where men can feel comfortable talking about things that Society seems to have turned into a taboo subject. By raising the profile and understanding of male infertility we want men to have the confidence to seek the latest tests to help them; just as women do. Male fertility is nothing to do with masculinity or sexual prowess – it can affect any man.

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