An article published just last week (26 August 2016) details how men experience fertility treatment. The honest and at times heart-breaking study was carried out by Shafali Talisa Arya and Bridget Dibb who interviewed a number of men on their experience of fertility treatment.

The study notes that men experience emasculation, mistrust and dismissal from medical professionals, lack of support from family members and feelings of depression when going through fertility treatment.

The study further highlights the lack of awareness and research on men’s experience of fertility; men are often seen as ‘understudies’ compared to women. But as the authors discovered ‘men do wish to talk’.

Raising the issue of male fertility will change public perception of fertility. Fertility Network’s Hidden Faces Campaign aims to highlight the true face of fertility. If you feel you can take part, send a picture to Fertility Network.

If you feel affected by any of these issues, we urge you to seek advice. Recent research from Esmée Hanna has shown how invaluable male forums can be. Forums provide a space for men to talk about their experiences and share coping strategies.

Shafali Talisa Arya and Bridget Dibb are continuing their research on the male experience of fertility and we look forward to reading their future studies on this very important topic.