Men and miscarriage? What? Miscarriage isn’t anything to do with men – or is it?

Well Yes. In some cases, miscarriage can be caused by poor DNA quality in sperm.

Good sperm DNA = higher chance of a successful pregnancy.

We used to think that miscarriage was entirely a woman’s problem. If a man got his partner pregnant, everything from there on was up to her.  And, if sadly she lost the pregnancy, the problem was with the woman’s body or her egg. Now we know that’s not the whole story. Over the last few years we have found that there is a strong link between the quality of DNA inside sperm and miscarriage.

Men with poor quality or damaged sperm DNA can get a woman pregnant. But, as the baby develops, the damaged DNA can cause miscarriage.

So, what can you do if you and your partner have had a miscarriage?

Get your sperm checked. You can have a simple test called the SpermComet. The SpermComet test will tell you how damaged your sperm DNA is and can show whether damaged sperm DNA is a cause of your miscarriages.

SpermComet® testing does not require a doctor’s referral.  If you live in the London area, samples can be produced at home and then delivered to The PathLab 25-27 Welbeck St. London W1G 8EN. You will need to order your home collection sample kit online here. All results will be emailed directly to you within 2 weeks. If you live further afield, you can get the SpermComet at one of our partner clinics.

What causes this damage and are there any solutions?

Our lifestyle, our diet and our polluted environment can damage every cell in our bodies, even sperm.  The good news is that men produce new sperm every 3 months. You can improve the quality of our sperm and reduce damage by making some lifestyle changes. Some dietary supplements have also been shown to also reduce damage. However, some supplements can damage healthy sperm so always have the SpermComet test first to see how healthy your sperm is before you take supplements.

Professor Sheena Lewis