Fertility treatments like ICSI and IMSI are often suggested by fertility doctors when male factor infertility is at play. However, many fertility specialists are now beginning to realise we can investigate the man more thoroughly. Male fertility can be improved meaning couples may be able to choose less invasive fertility treatments than ICSI or IMSI.


Although standard semen analysis results can predict the likelihood of conception in many couples, more exact tests, that look at the quality of DNA in sperm, are becoming increasingly useful. These tests can tell us how sperm really is. We always recommend a sperm DNA damage test to couples who have been diagnosed as having ‘unexplained infertility’ and when IVF has been unexpectedly unsuccessful. DNA damage testing has a real place in male fertility diagnosis, and is leading to new treatment strategies for many couples. The good news is that both sperm numbers and sperm quality can often be improved.


We are now realising that we can treat the man by improving the quality of his sperm, and that we can, for the first time measure that effect by a sperm DNA test before and after treatment.


Dr Jonathan Ramsay