So as you know we recently had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Ollie Locke who now spends a lot of his time giving us advice on men’s health and grooming.

Ollie is a 28 year old man who although he does not want to become a father just yet he knows that in the future he would like to have some mini Ollies or Olivias running around.

Mr Locke recently took the SpermComet® test and found that he did have some damage to his sperm DNA (watch youtube video here for full interview).

Although this seems to be unwanted news, we always like to describe the SpermComet® test as a win-win test! If you have low damage GREAT – go forth and multiple! But if you are told you have some damage you can consider this as an early warning sign and you can do something about it.

So how do I decrease sperm DNA damage I hear you ask?


Ollie himself wondered how his 10 years of partying lifestyle had affected his body and his results indicate they may have had an impact.

Unlike women who are born with their lifetime supply of eggs, men produce new sperm every 3 months! This means you lucky blokes can take action now to possibly improve your fertility in a matter of months…

So here are 5 simple tips to improve the health of your sperm!

  • Cut down on the beers, not unlike ourselves sperm can lose direction when under the influence (and even swim in circles!) so basically alcohol is doing your sperm harm.
  • Think about your diet it is always advised to eat healthy and cut down on those big macs, anything fried and ensure you eat your 5 a day!
  • We all now know just how bad smoking is for us but you have probably never considered the implications the 4,000 chemicals have for your sperm! Cut down – or even better stop, it will do wonders!
  • Although is it argued that overly intense exercising ( and certainly body building steroids) may be detrimental to men’s fertility, keeping fit and healthy is essential . Why not use this as an excuse to grab the golf clubs or get down to the footie pitch!
  • Don’t take recreational drugs! Many drugs contain chemicals which either damage sperm directly or produce free radicals which lead to damaged sperm too.