A recent American study reported that men using IVF treatment but eating lots of processed meats such bacon or sausages reduced their chances of success.

Over 100 couples had IVF treatment, and it was found that there was a ~30% lower fertilization rate for men with the highest proportion of processed meats (0.62 – 2.79 servings of processed meat on average/ day) in their diet compared to men who ate the least amount of processed meat (0 – 0.22 servings of processed meat on average/ day). The good news is that chicken does the opposite, with an increase in fertilization rates for those eating the highest proportion of chicken in their meat intake (0.71 – 2.82 servings of poultry on average/ day)

So men, we can actually improve our reproductive health by a simple change in diet.

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ASRM Press Release: Processed Meat Consumption Is Not Good for Sperm’s Fertilizing Ability; Consumption of Poultry Is Beneficial