Check out the recent article by Dr Avi Lerner on the importance of the SpermComet test for fertility diagnosis and treatment. Take a look here.

This evening the Progress Educational Trust will host a public event ‘Fertility Treatment Add-Ons: Do they Add Up?’, sponsored by the British Fertility Society (BFS). Professor Adan Balen (BFS), Sally Cheshire (Chair of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority), Dr Simon Fishel (CARE Fertility) and Dr Raj Mathur (St Mary’s Hospital) will all address the […]

A recent piece in the Daily Star quotes an article published in the journal Heliyon suggesting that walnuts can improve male fertility. This research is based on an animal study, and therefore there is no direct correlation to processes that occur in the human body. However, the findings are encouraging and support previous research suggesting that walnuts […]