We’re delighted that @fertilitypoddy recently had a chat with Prof Sheena Lewis about the SpermComet test. ‘There’s a much greater need to look at men, their health, their quality of life, and also the quality of their sperm rather than just doing a very basic sperm analysis’ says Prof Lewis. Prof Lewis talked about […]

New research published today by Leeds Beckett University shows that men find the impact of infertility on their relationships challenging and often experience feelings of helplessness. This research is part of a wider project looking at how men experiencing infertility interact with other men on fertility forums. This work is vital, as it highlights the […]

The need for more focus on male fertility investigations was outlined in a recent review by our partner urologist Mr Jonathan Ramsay. ‘Very few, if any, fertility units seek to investigate and to treat these men’, Mr Ramsay outlines. Men are told that their diagnosis will not change treatment; the inevitable is either IVF or […]