A new study carried out by researchers at McGill University in Canada shows that men have improved sperm DNA quality following microsurgical sub-inguinal varicocelectomy. As varicoceles are present in 40% of men with fertility problems, this study proves that varicocele surgery can improve DNA quality in sperm, offering hope for these men. Good DNA quality […]

Alex Jones has explored fertility in a new documentary entitled ‘Fertility & Me’. Alex finds out the link between male fertility, miscarriage and age. Catch up on BBC iplayer now: Fertility & Me

This time last year we reported that scientists had developed a process of growing sperm in test tubes. Now research has unveiled that scientists can create babies without the need for an egg. We would love to know what you think – is this an exciting time for science or will it play out in […]

An article published just last week (26 August 2016) details how men experience fertility treatment. The honest and at times heart-breaking study was carried out by Shafali Talisa Arya and Bridget Dibb who interviewed a number of men on their experience of fertility treatment. The study notes that men experience emasculation, mistrust and dismissal from medical […]