Did you know? That when trying for a baby a smoking dad is even worse than a smoking mum.

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Heard a moving story from a man called Thomas on the Nolan show this morning about the loss of his little grandson. Thank you for sharing.

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Did you know Damaged sperm DNA makes it harder to conceive with IVF & can increase the risk of miscarriage!#fertilityhealth @lewisfertility

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Research has shown high sperm DNA damage is strongly associated with recurrent miscarriage

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Professor Sheena Lewis – Queen's University Belfast Researcher of the month! Professor. Sheena Lewis – Queen's University Belfast Research Portal – Research Directory &…pure.qub.ac.ukInfertility affects one in six couples and 40% of the problems are contributed to the male partner. With birth rates in Europe now only 1.4 children/couple and 1-5% of those births aided […]

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Without sperm the world would be a lonely place!

Without sperm the world would be a lonely place!

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'Mothers who smoke during pregnancy could damage the future fertility of their sons'………. Pregnancy smoking 'hits fertility'uk.news.yahoo.comMothers who smoke during pregnancy could damage the future fertility of their sons, new research has found.

Experts comment on smoking whilst pregnant and the affects on male offspring fertility……. expert reaction to maternal cigarette smoking and male offspring fertility | Science Media Centrewww.sciencemediacentre.orgIn an article published in the journal Human Reproduction, researchers have reported that exposure to cigarette smoke in mice while before, during and after pregnancy reduced fertility through impaired […]