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Most couples who are trying to conceive are probably familiar with the term ‘sperm count’, which deals with the quantity of sperm.

However, what many know less about is sperm quality, which might mean that they are missing out on knowing about something that could increase their chances of having a baby... something that could help reduce the loss of valuable time and financial costs, and not least, emotional heartache, which can be hardest of all.

Did You Know?

One in six couples has difficulty having a baby: in 40 per cent of these cases, the difficulty is associated with the man.
Sperm DNA is one of the most important factors when it comes to getting pregnant.
Damage to sperm DNA (sperm DNA fragmentation) affects every fertility checkpoint and can increase the risk of miscarriage.

Sperm quality can be seriously affected by things like stress, smoking, alcohol, recreational drugs, obesity and other avoidable lifestyle factors.

When it comes to sperm quality, conventional semen analysis tells us little. The SpermComet® is a much more sensitive male fertility test that can measure DNA damage in individual sperm.

Did You Know?

Even healthy sperm have some DNA damage, but it’s the amount of damage that matters.
Checking your sperm for damage before you start a family gives you the chance to take control and change your lifestyle to improve your sperm quality, if you have damage.

If you are Healthcare Professional and would like to know more about the SpermComet® and how it can help influence patient lifestyle, inform clinical decisions on fertility treatment (ART), and improve success rates for patients, please click here >>

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